About us

The company

The company can look back on a long history. Founded in 1956 as an independent metal processor, it was brought under the metal processing collective in the 1960s.

After German re-unification in 1990, the business was newly founded as KMR Kabel-Metall Recycling GmbH in 1996 after eventful years of privatisation and belongs to the Dutch Van Hout Holding - NL Helmond.

Our company focuses on cable recycling and transformer/generator recycling. Further areas of work are collecting, transporting off harmful substances, sorting, storing and recycling electrical and electronic scrap as well as the scrap and metal business.

We are certified as a specialist waste disposal business for this purpose and operate plants that have been approved in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act and the 4th BimSchV (Federal Immission Control Ordinance). Our company is an ordinary member of the VDM Verband Deutscher Metallhändler (Association of German Metal Dealers) as well as the VDM Arbeitskreises Kabelzerleger (Working Group of Cable Dismantlers) and the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Kabelzerleger (Quality group of cable dismantlers) of the VDM.

The company currently has 47 employees (38 commercial employees, 6 staff members as well as 3 trainees learning the profession of industrial engineer). The professional qualifications and long years of experience of our employees guarantee high quality products and services.


Company philosophy


KMR Kabel-Metall-Recycling GmbH is emphatically committed to protecting the environment and health. We have therefore adopted these guiding principles into our management system and make decisions based on them. As a potential customer or supplier, you also benefit. 


1. Customers and suppliers are our partners.

We would like a long term and sustainable collaboration with you. We reject short term profit thinking. Trustworthy cooperation as partners for the benefit of both sides forms the core of our work.


2. We work as a well-rehearsed team.

Our employees are not just the pillars of our success, but form a team. Based on this principle, we have a motivated and qualified team, achieving excellent work in any situation. By creating flat hierarchies we shorten decision paths and are extremely flexible. 


3. We take on social responsibility.

We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees and our social environment. We therefore support our employees with an active preventive health system as well as company old age insurance for life after work. We are also committed social activists in the Brandenburg/Liebenwalde area and promote young talent from the region in a targeted manner.